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Evidence-Based, Holistic and Integrative Treatment

What do these words really mean? “Evidence-Based” refers to treatments proven in multiple blind studies to be clinically effective–it is care proven to work.  The National Center on Substance Abuse and Addiction has listed 14 “Essential Components of Evidence-Based Care” and CHI Recovery has met or exceeded all of these standards.

mediation-chi-treatment-terminology“Holistic” means that treatment incorporates the concept of holism, or the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts.  In practice, this means that we treat the whole person, blending customized care for all individuals, affecting the mind/brain, body, spirit, and psyche/emotions.  By utilizing multiple modalities from Eastern and Western therapies we are able to reach the best outcomes with the least amount of pharmaceuticals.

“Integrative” refers to the networked, collaborative nature of our treatment team.  Our providers are composed of highly competent mental and physical healthcare professionals from a variety of fields, representing a high level of clinical expertise. Our clinical team works collaboratively to secure accurate diagnosis and develop appropriate diagnostic plans for each individual we serve. We share a networked healthcare system and shared protocols to ensure the highest level of unified care. We work together with you to design a heath care plan that draws both from your desires and from all of our knowledge, resulting in a singular treatment plan…instead of one that pulls you in different directions because your caregivers cannot agree!

CHI Recovery will meet you wherever you are are in your healing process, addressing your needs and concerns as a collaborative healing partner. Programs are treatment rich and may be customized to meet your unique needs and circumstances.

Remember to do your homework when comparing programs.

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